RedCorner has the answer to unspent gift cards

Co. Dublin, Ireland — 11 Feb. 2008 — A new consumer co-branding campaign ensures that your unspent gift cards and vouchers will help good causes

The Fine Gael gift voucher survey is interesting and confirms the research and assumptions which we at RedCorner have been
working on for the last 2 years. At RedCorner we believe that you should choose where your un-used gift vouchers go.

RedCorner Campaign is a not-for-profit orgnanisation, supported by some of the biggest charity brands, focused on a single co-brand campaign
to send un-used value to charities – particularly the unspent value on gift cards and vouchers, but also unspent mobile phone top-ups,
un-used internet credit, un-cashed bus ticket overpayments and un-used phone card credit.

RedCorner plans to launch gift cards later this year, which may be spent anywhere credit cards are accepted, but if unspent,
the value will go directly to a charity chosen by the purchaser. They will be very easy to recognise – every gift card which
gives un-spent value to charity will have a Red Corner – on the top right of the card – and the charity who benefits will be co-branded
with RedCorner.

“It will make gift card giving very easy – A RedCorner gift card can be spent nearly anywhere – and you can really show you think
about the person you are giving to, by choosing a RedCorner card which benefits a charity that you know the person you are giving to cares about”
says Jim O’Callaghan, founder and director of RedCorner. The new cards will be available through a range of charity retail outlets and RedCorner
has proposals with a number of convenience retailers to ensure that everyone has a RedCorner choice when buying a gift card.

“This is a bigger issue than charges and expiry dates – this is consumer’s money and the consumer must choose where their money goes. In the UK, un-used value on gift cards is running at £300M annually while in the US, unspent value amounts to nearly $9 billion every year, a figure which could have an immense effect in tackling the world’s greatest social and economic emergencies”

At RedCorner we believe that retailer own-brand gift cards will be more attractive to customers if they carry the RedCorner feature, and
give the unspent value to a co-branding charity. Now retailers can show their customers what they really care about – and enable their customers
to give at no cost. We hope that visionary retail partners will demonstrate this corporate social responsibility to their customers and join in our launch later this year. Just contact us through our website at

RedCorner has already launched a mortgage service, ( where 33% of the lender commissions are paid to a charity of choice of the borrower, and with a full choice of Irish lenders and a complete professional service, people may save money every month – and make a considerable contribution to their favourite charity – at no additional cost! We are also working on a pipeline of RedCorner co-branded products – all of which make a significant contribution to charity – while meeting the RedCorner criteria of equal quality and price as their competitors.

RedCorner is supported by Trocaire, Childline, FairTrade, Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth, Red Cross and United for Children.

Delicieux Shopper – New Personal Shopping Website

Co. Dublin, Ireland — 11 Feb. 2008 — Delicieux Shopper – New Personal Shopping Website

Its a new online shopping portal with a difference. Rather than a product based offering this innovative website offers you a service – your very own personal shopper online!
Delicieux Shopper offers time poor women and men an opportunity to order all their gifts online. Anyone has access at any time of the day that’s convenient to them.

How it works is pretty nifty – the customer has two options:

1) To follow the pre selected categories under “For Her”, “For Him” or “For Them” to narrow down what the customer wants you can decide from cosmetics right through to housewarming gifts. Then you give Delicieux Shopper some information on the recipient , a budget guide and based on this information they match the gift.
Only a service fee for time and effort is charged. They purchase the gift, send the customer an emailing explaining what has been bought with a payment link and once the customer has paid, Delicieux Shopper will luxuriously gift wrap, securely package and send the gift to either you or your gift recipient via their courier company.
2) Alternatively the customer has the option to use the “Buy This” category, which allows them to enter exactly what they want their personal shopper to buy on their behalf, an ingenious time saving idea!!

The turnaround time once the customer places their order is three working days(they build the profile, match gifts, buy it and then send the email to the customer with final payment info) Once the customer makes the final payment the gift is dispatched the next day, and they should receive it within 24 hours in Ireland, so the complete cycle is 5 days.

The brand name has a french look and feel – “Delicieux Shopper” was designed to encompass feelings of elegance, richness and sophistication and this extends to its service too. Delicieux Shopper will offer a service centered around the customer. Moving forward Delicieux Shopper wants to expand to other markets such as USA, its a perfect way for those Irish people living abroad who want to surprise friends and family with a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift instead of them sending something in the post. The Delicieux team can buy on their behalf and deliver it, saving them the time.

What are you waiting for – start compiling your list now at