Irish Web Hosting Company Lets Host Announces new Partnership With CloudFlare


February 19, 2015

Ireland based webshosting company LetsHost pride themselves on making every effort to deliver their valued customers a superior product.  In an effort to improve both the security end and website speed of what they deliver, LetsHost recently announced their new partnership with CloudFlare, a worldwide leader in improving website performance and protecting against hackers, spammers and other potential threats.  The early response to the news has been very enthusiastic.

“We are delighted to roll out yet another free feature to our loyal LetsHost hosting customers and will continue to seek out great partnerships which will add value to the Irish hosting services we provide,”  commented LetsHost director Daragh Mac Loughlin, on the company becoming a CloudFlare partner.  “It’s a win/win all around.”

According to CloudFlare, points out Mac Loughlin, the average website on CloudFlare loads very close to twice as quickly, in addition to being tremendously more secure.  Both issues that are close to the heart of many of LetsHost’s clients.  This improvement is made by routing web traffic through one of CloudFlare’s 23 data centers spread across the world.  By connecting through a data center that is closer to the user the dramatic improvements in speed can be quite stunning.

As an added bonus, the increased performance won’t come with a higher price tag for LetsHost customers.

Graeme Conkie, director at LetsHost, remarked, “With this partnership, customers can plug in free of charge to an international network of Cloudflare POPs, turbo charging their website and improving the user experience for their website visitors.”

This new relationship seems sure to help LetsHost fulfill their goal of delivering the highest level of internet capabilities to their Irish client base.

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